One Day Smile Makeover with Optional Mini-Implants

One Day Smile Makeover is a trademarked, proprietary art and science of creating a virtual facelift by restoring cosmetic form and maximum function through the creation of new dentures. Most often patients also chosen to stabilize these dentures with “mini-implants.” With the use of mini-implants the change in appearance and function becomes even more dramatic and life-changing, according to many of our patients. Please see examples of “then” and “now” on this section of our website.

​A mini-implant consists of a thin “body,” which is shaped like surgical screw, and a “head” that looks like a ball. The body and the ball are in one piece. The mini-implants are, simply put, “screwed” into the appropriate site at the preset safe angle and depth, as predetermined by the use of 3-D cone-beam scan. Each implant also has a “housing” which snaps onto the head of the implants. After all the implants have been placed, the housings are snapped onto the implants. Then the housing is retrofitted into the underside of your denture. This allows the dentures to be held so firmly against the implants that it would be difficult to unintentionally dislodge them from the implants. In fact most patients have difficult removing the dentures the first few days. Think of the coupling effect like how the brass buttons snap together.

​The stability induced by mini-implants make it possible for our facelift dentures to duplicate, to the extent possible, the original position of your teeth and the original size and shape of the upper and lower jaws which support your facial muscles, skin, cheek and lips. This is why so many of our patients requested mini-implants as an added cosmetic and functional optimization of their new dentures.