Needle Free Dentistry (Air Abrasion)

Needle Free Drill-less Fillings
Air abrasion is a conservative, less traumatic alternative to the high- speed drill. It allows to selectively remove decay, leaving healthier tooth structure. The procedure can often be done without anesthesia. Without a shot you will have fewer visits to Dr. Chao, because more than one restoration can be done at one time.

Needle-Free Deep Cleaning
Dr. Chao uses Oraqix – the first FDA approved needle-free subgingival (below the gumline) anesthetic agent providing patients an option in anesthesia for scaling and/or root planing procedures. Oraqix is an injection-free local anesthetic (no needles are used in its application). The local anesthesia is specifically confined to the periodontal tissues, without residual numbness of the lips and tongue. It can be applied to several areas in the mouth during a single visit. It can also be applied to the same area if a longer duration of numbness is required.